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Sharing my love for Design and creative thinking since 2006

Over a decade in classrooms, hundreds of students, in three countries and in four different languages have allowed me to share with them my ideas and points of view, the knowledge I received from my teachers and my professional experiences .

Teaching keeps me far from conformism, forces me to be updated, makes me humble, patient and most important of all, it allows me to help young vibrant people to make out of design a tool for living

After all this time teaching, I have collected many works from some of my students, this page is a place for me to share some of them with you.


Basic Design

Based in theories of composition, colour, and visual perception by Kandinsky, Itten, Goethe, Wong and Hoffman, this course, helps the first year students to understand visual phenomena, and give them the tools to turn an empty white space into a place full of depth and dynamism. 


As a student this subject was a nightmare for me, now, as teacher is probably my favourite.

Graphic Design

In classrooms I try to put the students in situations similar to what they could come across in professional environment, asking them to develop projects of different scales and styles.

Always starting on paper, trying to put together concepts, to give them shape, in order to communicate a message, looking for a balance point between functionality and aesthetics.

Trying help each student to find their own voice.

The examples I feature here, are from students in different stages of their education, from first to third year of their bachelor degree in Graphic Design.


Art Direction

This course is a playground for imagination, in it the students learn how to create atmospheres, to search for concepts to communicate ideas in a creative way, collaborating and though photography, DIY, and mixing techniques they learn how to produce images both creative and of good quality.


Working in interdisciplinary teams, students of illustration, fashion design and graphic design develop projects that can go from fashion photography to creating advertising for cleaning products.


Type is maybe the most powerful weapon of a graphic designer, it gives a tone and personality to written words.

That is the reason why I consider crucial for all graphic designer to be, to be able to understand abstract language of shapes, serifs, contrasts and negative spaces, that can change the meaning of a word when you read it.

Art Direction
All images in this page were created by students in my classes
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